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Whips For Sale

Whips For Sale
Lashes are made of kangaroo with a Latigo core, or belly. They are of medium weight

(thickness about 5/8 at the widest part). They are made in the Australian style with a fall at the point. This is a replaceable tip that adds about 18 to the lash length and takes the abuse. Crackers can be tied to this fall continuously until it becomes too short, then the fall can be replaced.

The following lengths are usually available:
4 foot Call For Pricing
4 foot Call For Pricing
5 foot Call For Pricing
6 foot Call For Pricing

White 5 foot Call For Pricing

Special lengths and weights (thickness) can be made. Also white can be made in any size.
Stocks are made of native materials such as bamboo from Caroland Farm, iron wood and

hickory from Three Springs Farm and local white oak. Hooks are from local white tail deer antlers. The coverings are made from Australian kangaroo and the keepers from Latigo.
Rebuilt antique stocks are available occasionally.




8 Strand Kangaroo with Latigo belly

Standard Weight (5/8" at thickest part)


Custom Lengths and Strands Available

All Also Available in White


4' -    Call For Pricing

4' - Call For Pricing

5' -    Call For Pricing

6' -    Call For Pricing


5' -    Call For Pricing

Split & Twisted Oak Stock

Half Covered Braided Kangaroo with Deer Hook


Call For Pricing ( Stock Only )

Ironwood Knob End Stock


Call For Pricing

Bamboo Stock with White Tail Antler Hook


Call For Pricing

Bamboo Knob End Stock


Call For Pricing

Antique Cane Stock.

The stock keeper has been replaced.

Call For Pricing

Weighted Half Covered Bamboo Stock

Weighted (steel rod for strength + weight)


Call For Pricing




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